06 Apr / Video Production Quality Is the Key to Successful Marketing in 2017

video production for marketing success

The age of click-bait and ice bucket challenges is over, and consumers are warming up to clicking and watching online video content once again. Facebook and Twitter have implemented automatic video playback and users are loving it, and if there’s one thing that keeps users from scrolling past your content and on to the next cat video, it’s high-quality video production.

Good video production is the difference between a drab lecture and a riveting documentary, or a lame infomercial and a thrilling product unveiling. Video marketing is back in a big way in 2017, and it has massive potential for your business in San Francisco and beyond.

Video Production: What’s New?

We know what you’re thinking. “What’s the big deal? Video marketing has been around forever!” Yes, that’s true, but the difference now is how it’s being implemented in new ways and the astonishing response coming from consumers. Just take a look at some of these numbers:

  • Businesses are reporting and unbelievable 19% boost in open rates of emails when the word “video” is used in the subject line.
  • Video marketing is resulting in increases in click-through rates of 65% and drops in unsubscribe rates of 26%.
  • 50% of all mobile traffic is online mobile video content.
  • 88% more time is spent on sites featuring video content compared to sites without it.

Video marketing may have been around in the past, but it appears to have a much more important role in the future. So what’s changed?

Our Love/Hate Relationship with Video Marketing

As the age of on-demand video services arose, consumers realized that they hated one thing more than ever: commercials. As they were freed from the necessity of these video ads, video marketing declined and the industry had to readjust. 

That readjustment period seems to be coming to an end. Now that mobile technology has become the most used format, consumers are constantly looking for entertaining videos to watch on the bus, at lunch, and even at home. Marketing agencies are responding to this demand by producing videos with high levels of video production which are quick to entertain and hook an audience.

Content Doesn’t Equal Quality

Although the public’s love of video has been rekindled, don’t be fooled into thinking that they’ve forgotten about their old nemesis, commercials. Consumers still hate those old ads but are responding to new ones because smart businesses are investing in superb video production services that make viewing a pleasure. The content of your message is important, but video production quality is what gets a viewer’s attention.

A great production agency should open the doors to a cohesive and expansive marketing strategy by combining professional photographic and video elements. This will allow for your content to be used across social platforms and video channels.

Video marketing has one of the highest ROI’s compared to traditional forms of marketing, and San Francisco companies are learning that exceptional video production is necessary to remain competitive. We think it’s about time for your company to press play.


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