12 Dec / Professional Headshots in San Francisco–What to Wear

Professional headshots what to wear

Professional headshots have become an important tool in the San Francisco workforce. Since San Francisco is the epicenter of the tech space, building your own personal brand is vital to succeed. People build their own brands by creating personal websites, maintaining updated LinkedIn profiles, publishing content on LinkedIn and being consistently active on social media. You may notice one constant for those who are really good at developing their own personal brand online: they have professional headshots.

In these professional headshots, it’s important for you to reflect your own personality. You are marketing yourself. However, there are rules around what you should–and shouldn’t wear–in front of the camera. Here’s what we suggest:

1. Wear a Solid Color

Plaid is very trendy in San Francisco, especially in the tech space, but trust us–it doesn’t look good in photographs. It’s best to avoid any patterns or logos on your clothing for your professional headshot. You don’t want these to distract people from your beautiful face and eyes, or look like you’re modeling for a clothing company.

2. Don’t Wear White

There is one exception to the rule above, and that’s to avoid wearing white for your professional headshot. White is a reflector, and will unfortunately wash out your face in the photograph. It’s best to wear a color that enhances one of your favorite facial features. For example, wear blue if you have beautiful blue eyes–or green if that’s flattering for your skin tone. Darker colors typically are more flattering. For example, it is better to wear darker blue than lighter blue because lighter colors can also wash you out.

Please note: It’s okay to wear a white, or a light-colored blouse or dress shirt under a dark blazer or suit jacket (i.e. dark gray, black or dark blue).

3. Bring Options

This isn’t a headshot you’re taking for your high school yearbook–a one and done take. You’ll have time to explore different looks which is why we encourage you to bring options. Bring long-sleeved shirts, button-ups, and various necklines. It will help you get a sense of what looks best on camera.

4. Jewelry

You don’t want to date your photo with trendy, big pieces of jewelry, but you don’t want it to be totally boring either. If you typically wear a ring, earrings or necklace on an everyday basis, feel free to include it in your professional headshot. If you do choose to wear jewelry, please stay away from reflective materials.

5. Pick a Look

Finally–before taking your professional headshot–you should have an idea of the look you want your brand to portray. If you work at a startup, you probably don’t want to wear a suit jacket. You will want to go for a more business casual look. However, if you’re the CEO of the company, you’ll want to look a little more buttoned-up–or not. It’s up to you! It’s just important to know your vibe before getting your professional headshot.

Professional headshots are a worthy investment for your career. They will help you build your personal brand online, and can even help you get another job in the future. This is precisely why you must dress the part.

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