13 Mar / A Guide to Professional Headshots for Your Bay Area Company

Professional headshots guide for companies

Providing professional headshots to your company is an excellent way to unify your staff and your message, and it’s known to be a point of pride among businesses all over the Bay Area. Not only do great headshots provide a company with a seal of professionalism but they are also becoming more and more useful in everyday life.

Your employees’ photos won’t just be found on the company website. They are being used to make powerful connections across social media sites such as LinkedIn and Google+. Making sure your staff have the best professional headshots is a gracious show of employee appreciation as well as an invaluable brand management tool. Here’s what you need to know to ensure your professional headshots come out picture perfect.

Where Will the Professional Headshots Be Taken?

Location is an important tool in crafting your message. There are three main location choices for corporate professional headshots:

  • Studio: A mobile studio will be brought to your office complete with lighting and various backdrops.
  • Environmental: These shots use real environments to enhance or refine your message. Using your office as a natural background is noninvasive and has fantastic results.
  • Outdoor: These headshots take advantage of the beauty of nature. Common locations include stairways, brick walls, and greenery.

The most common locations for corporate professional headshots are studio or environmental, as photo shoots in these situations can be done on site and in a timely manner. Outdoor shots can be a great idea depending on the impression you’d like to give, but it might take a bit more work.

How to Prepare for the Shoot

You’ll need to do a bit of preparation so your photo shoot goes smoothly. Some things you’ll need to take into account include wardrobe, makeup, time management, and proper communication.


Your photographer will consult with you before the shoot about what to wear. Some colors and clothing choices work better than others depending on the location, so make sure you clearly communicate all the photographer’s recommendations to each staff member. It’s also a good idea to encourage everyone to bring a spare outfit.


Makeup is largely unnecessary in professional headshots. Nowadays, digital retouching can do the job as well as a top makeup artist, and at least one retouched shot per person is included in most corporate headshot packages. If someone chooses to wear makeup, they should apply it lightly use it only to cover blemishes.

Time Management

Your photographer will do everything in their power to guarantee an effortless photoshoot, but you’ll have to do your part, too. Plan your shoot far in advance and make sure that it’s not on the same day as a big meeting or just before a deadline. It only takes about 10-15 minutes per person, but everyone should be relaxed and feeling positive. You don’t want your company’s headshots to feature a stressed out, overcaffeinated staff!

Keep the Photographer in the Loop

Your photographer is the artist that is going to bring out the best in your company, so make sure to inform him or her about your company’s target, goals, and your brand’s personality. Also, if you’ve had headshots taken before, show them to your photographer. This will help ensure a clear context and continuity.


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