09 Mar / Professional Headshots: What You Need to Know about Cropping

cropping for professional headshots

Cropping may be the last thing on your mind when going for your Bay Area professional headshots. Aren’t the pros supposed to deal with technical stuff like that? It’s true; your photographer will be a master of cropping, but the diverse formatting requirements of many different websites and social media platforms has made cropping something that you need to understand even before your shoot. There are a variety of ways that your headshots can be cropped by your photographer and by the companies or sites to whom you provide it. Here is everything you need to know to get the most from your headshots.

Where Are You Posting Your Professional Headshots?

It’s important to know where your headshots are going to end up even before your shoot. The biggest and most important sites for networking and growing your brand have different cropping requirements. Make sure to check the dimensional requirements beforehand so you know your headshot will fit just right. How do you do it? Well, it’s as simple as trying to post an existing photo of yourself (or anything, really) on each site to see what shape they ask you to crop down to. Is it a circle like Google+, or a square like Linkedin? This information will help you and your photographer to choose the right aspect for your headshot.

What Are Your Aspect Options?

There are two main aspects that are employed by photographers when taking professional headshots.

  • Horizontal- Also known as landscape, this shot will show more on the left and right sides of you.
  • Vertical- The classic portrait shot.

So what’s the difference? Well, if you’re just going to frame your picture and hang it in the office, then either one is fine, but if you want to post it online or provide it to a publication, it might be a different story. For example, Linkedin requires you to crop down to a square-shaped photo, so if you choose the vertical aspect for your headshots, you may end up cropping off the top of your head! Certain agencies require 11×14 shots, which is the measurement of a vertical aspect. The horizontal aspect is generally regarded as the best choice, as these shots can be cropped into vertical ones if necessary, whereas vertical shots don’t have this versatility.

Work with Your Photographer

If you tell your photographer you need a headshot for Linkedin or Facebook, they’ll be sure to know the necessary dimensions, but they may not know the requirements for all the places you need your shot to go. You’ll need to do a little research and make a list you can share with your photographer so he or she knows exactly where your headshots are going to be featured. If possible, provide the specific dimensions as well (e.g. 11×14 ). All you need to do is give them the basics and they can take care of the rest.


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