01 Mar / How to Overcome Your Photography Fears During Your Professional Headshots

professional headshots photography fears

Does this shirt fit me right? Do I have something in my teeth? Am I wearing too much makeup?” These are a few of the common questions that can find their way into your head during a headshot session. It’s totally normal to get a little self-conscious when you’re suddenly the center of attention, but the nervousness and anxiety that arises can have a negative effect on your professional headshots. The point of a headshot is to communicate who you are or what you represent through the medium of photography, and if you feel awkward or uncomfortable, you might end up sending the wrong message. Here are a few helpful tips for overcoming nervousness and getting the most out of your photo shoot.

Prepare for Your Professional Headshots

Preparation is the key to success in any situation, and it doesn’t change here. Remember to check the following off your list before you head to the studio for your headshots.

  • Get a Haircut- Get your haircut a week or two before having your professional headshots taken. This will give you time to get used to it and style it in the right way.
  • Do a Makeup Test Run- If you wear makeup, it should be subtle and only used to cover blemishes. Too much makeup will overpower your face. If you don’t usually apply makeup in this way, you might want to give it a try and send the photographer a picture.
  • Talk to the Photographer- Get to know your photographer and make sure you understand all the things he or she will be doing during the shoot. Uncertainty will only make you more nervous.
  • Plan your wardrobe- Bring at least five different outfits. This way, if you notice something that you don’t like about one, you’ll have others to choose from.


Breathing exercises have long been used to help people relax. They can do the same for you during your headshot session, along with improving your poise. Start your session by closing your eyes and taking three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. If you start to feel nervous during the shoot, focus on your breathing and take long, deep breaths.

Use Your Imagination

Visualization is an incredibly effective technique used by public speakers everywhere to help them find their center and relax. If you start to feel anxious during your professional headshots, try to imagine that you’re somewhere else. Pretend you are on a sandy beach in Hawaii, or maybe in a peaceful forest path in Autumn. You can even imagine that the photographer is one of your favorite people. It’s easier than you think to trick your brain into chilling out; with a little effort, you’ll soon feel like your catching up with an old friend in your favorite vacation spot. Doesn’t that make you want to smile?

The Choice is Yours

Are you worried about blinking during your professional headshots? Don’t bat an eye! Remember that the photographer is going to take upwards of a hundred photos, and you’re going to get to choose your favorites from the batch. If there are a few unflattering ones in the bunch, they’ll never see the light of day.


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