07 Apr / Graphic Design Is Essential in Marketing for These 3 Reasons

Graphic design for marketing

Graphic design has become an important staple in almost every Bay Area industry. From buying bananas to turning the air conditioning on in your car, graphic design is there to provide a seamless and aesthetically pleasing experience for the consumer. 

But what can graphic design do for companies before a customer has decided to make a purchase? It’s no surprise to anyone that graphic design is used in advertising to help present products and services in alluring ways, but it’s just as essential to other marketing efforts, some which go as far as to define the very soul of the company itself. Here are three fundamental uses for graphic design in marketing today.

Graphic Design for Your Logo

Far before a customer explores a company’s offerings, they’re attracted by the look and feel of a logo. In this age of tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, and smart everything else, the importance of images is growing along with our access to them. In fact, consumers’ first impressions are 94% based on design. Even politicians have taken to branding themselves with logos, and we can see how important they are to their success. 

Graphic design is responsible for most of the logos made in modern times. This doesn’t mean that your logo is going to be a good one, however. It is important to choose a qualified design firm that will work closely with your marketing team. A logo isn’t something to be trifled with. It is likely the first thing a potential customer will see, and thus is absolutely necessary to provide an accurate and enticing view of your company.

Website Design

Once a consumer has seen the appeal of your logo and decided to explore your product or service, the first place they’ll probably go is online. Blocky, pixelated, and plain websites cause people to lose confidence immediately and search for a different, more professional looking site. Your logo is necessary to give physical form to your business, now graphic design is again needed to provide it with a personality.  

What is the look of your website? Does it fit with your services offered? Studies have shown that consumers attribute credibility in a company largely with the look of its website. For example, if you’re selling medical supplies, you might not want an 80s throwback design covered in hot pink and purple. Graphic design will take the interest generated by your logo and turn that into confidence and trust.

UI Design

UI (user interface) design is the next step in establishing trust and moving a prospective client towards a purchase. Your logo is beautiful and your site looks great, but now your site or app needs to function in a way that provides an intuitive and satisfying experience. If a user has a bad experience on your site, they only have about a 10% likelihood of returning, so noticeable glitches and difficulty in navigation can have major implications. Quality graphic design can prevent these issues by creating a seamless interface for users. This will pave the way towards the information they need and the action that you want.


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