07 Mar / The Best Location for Your Professional Headshots: Outdoors or in the Studio?

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Headshots are needed for much more than yearbook photos and portraits with your pet cat. In fact, professionals all over the Bay Area are using their headshots to boost their brand appeal in social media, web content, and advertising. A great headshot is crucial to provide your company or brand with a personality, but there’s more than just your wardrobe or makeup to take into account. The location of your shoot can say a lot about you. For example, if you sell organic dog food, prospective buyers might not be swayed by a picture of you sitting at a corporate desk in a fine suit. Here are some important points to take into account when choosing a location for your professional headshots.

Your Professional Headshots and Your Brand

Your headshot is not only going to represent you but also your brand. You should ask yourself some similar questions about your headshot that you do about your brand when doing market research.

  • What message do I want to send?
  • Who is my target? Business or end customers?
  • What is my goal? Am I representing a business like a law firm, or trying to generate sales?
  • What is my brand’s personality and how can I reflect that?

Once you’ve answered these questions and discussed them with your photographer, you’ll have a much better idea of which location is best for you. Outdoors can be better for those who want to give a relaxed and approachable impression, while studio shots are more authoritative and serious.

Know your Industry

Your industry, and how it’s perceived, can help you choose the right location for your headshots. Outdoor headshots tend to communicate innovation and general outside-the-box thinking, so if you work in the tech field or if creativity is your main selling point, you might want to head outside for your shoot. Indoor shots, on the other hand, are more formal and convey stability. If you work in a legal or medical field, studio shots may be your best choice. Some managers choose to have their headshots taken right in their office. These environmental portraits are easy to organize and are a great way for corporate clients to communicate professionalism and work ethic.

What to Expect?



Outdoor shots can be taken in a variety of locations. Some of the most common include a staircase, a brick wall, or some greenery. A number of effects can be added digitally, like blurring the background and lighting adjustment, so you won’t have to worry about any environmental factors like clouds or wind. Your photographer will know a lot of great beauty spots and will help you choose the best Bay Area location for your headshots.


In the studio, everything is under the control of the photographer. The lighting and background can be adjusted to suit you perfectly, so all you’ll have to do is relax and have fun. You’ll probably take a number of professional headshots with different colored backgrounds and in different outfits, so remember to bring a few changes of clothes.


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